Property Management

We at Regal & Co. like to keep Property Management simple. Take the stress and unknown out of landlord’s hands.

Regal & Co. have been involved in property for over 27 years. Founder Sabino Di Filippo became a landlord in his early 20s and has always believed in finding the right tenant for the right property. Getting this match correct will ensure a long term relationship.

At Regal we believe that it is our responsibility to take all the stress and fear of the unknown out of leasing for the landlord. We achieve this by putting in place systems such as direct debits to ensure rent is paid on time, and through sourcing tradespeople who are punctual and professional without costing you the earth.

We try to keep things very simple so that the landlord can continue doing what they do best which is investing in further properties whilst simultaneously providing a stress free environment for the tenant. These are the formulas that go together to make a successful property management team.

Remember here at Regal & Co. we also have a property sales team and mortgage broking division, so we have all the infrastructure to assist our clients as their needs grow.

For more information please contact our office on 03 9576 9992